Equipping the Youth of Today for the Challenges of Tomorrow

"Life is a series of circles and cycles, phases and stages. These are your experiences that teach you the lessons of life. EMBRACE them, even if it is hard to do so." - J.C. Cooley (Founder)


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The J.C. Cooley Foundation
Options & Opportunities: The Choice Program (OOCP)
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is a nonprofit organization focused on providing life skills and mentoring programs for middle school to high school young adults.  OOCP is separated into two primary age groups: the Junior Group (7 - 11 years old) and the Senior Group (12 - 18 years old). The program will form partnerships within the community through local school districts, communities, churches, private organizations, Rotary clubs, business organizations, the Boys and Girls clubs, the juvenile court system and the military organizations (such as ROTC). OOCP’s primary goal is to foster a commitment to young people, promoting self-esteem and goal setting while building self-confidence, strong interpersonal skills through discipline training and teamwork. 

Through personal relationships, mentorship, and guidance programs, a sense of individual responsibility will be established and maintained. This connection will allow today’s youth the options and opportunities to gather an understanding of what it takes to form a solid personal work ethic, assist in time management skills, and help the youth establish personal life goals to excel in their adulthood success.

OCCP is committed to creating a safe environment to foster our youths’ opportunities for open communication in order to share their ideas among other youths, counselors, mentors and much more.  This will be taught using JC Cooley’s 4 C’s concept (CREATE, COLLABORATE, COMMIT and CONFIDENCE); all of which lead to the Big “C”, CHANGE.

For the updates on the progress of our mission check out the latest on the Cooley Foundation Blog.

I want to extend a thank you to you, and your entire foundation, for partnering with our school!  We have been honored by your presence and support during our assembly as well as our 6th Annual Awards Banquet.  Our twelfth grade students benefited from writing the essay prompt, as it made them think about their past leadership qualities and where they are headed.  Your presentation at the awards ceremony was wonderful and I know our students, parents and staff appreciated your words and encouragement.  The winner of the Cooley Foundation Scholarship was very surprised and your support has confirmed that there are people to support him in his future endeavors.  He is excited for his future at Cal State San Marcos and your financial support is greatly appreciated. -- Debbie Thurston, River Springs High School


The J.C. Cooley Foundation
Options & Opportunities: The Choice Program (OOCP)
P O Box 891989
Temecula, CA 92589-1989

(915) 760-0414




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