Equipping the Youth of Today for the Challenges of Tomorrow

"Life is a series of circles and cycles, phases and stages. These are your experiences that teach you the lessons of life. EMBRACE them, even if it is hard to do so." - J.C. Cooley (Founder)


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"The word psychosomatic describes the mind-body relationship. An unhealthy life style limits your mind's ability to achieve your goals. Managing your health is "your responsibilty." No one can do this for you, A healthy body equals a healthy mind."


"Instead of dwelling on what you don't have, think of all the wonderful things that you do have. Express appreciation to all who know you. Be grateful for this life you have been given, This is what great men and leaders do."


"It is the only possession you own. Don't waste it. How you plan to use this time will determine your future. Develop a plan of action, write it down, commit to your plan, and focus on the execution of the plan. Time will not stop, slow down or wait on you. Use your time wisely."

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About Us

J.C. Cooley Foundation-Options & Opportunities: The Choice Program (OOCP)is a nonprofit organization focused on providing life skills and mentoring programs for middle school to high school young adults.  OOCP is separated into two primary age groups: the Junior Group (7 -12 years old) and the Senior Group (13 -19 years old). The program will form partnerships within the community through local school districts, communities, churches, private organizations, Rotary clubs, business organizations, the Boys and Girls clubs, the juvenile court system and the military organizations (such as ROTC). OOCP’s primary goal is to foster a commitment to young people, promoting self-esteem and goal setting while building self-confidence, strong interpersonal skills through discipline training and teamwork.
Through personal relationships, mentorship, and guidance programs, a sense of individual responsibility will be established and maintained. This connection will allow today’s youth the options and opportunities to gather an understanding of what it takes to form a solid personal work ethic, assist in time management skills, and help the youth establish personal life goals to excel in their adulthood success.
OCCP is committed to creating a safe environment to foster our youths’ opportunities for open communication in order to share their ideas among other youths, counselors, mentors and much more.  This will be taught using JC Cooley’s 4 C’s concept (CREATE, COLLABORATE, COMMIT and CONFIDENCE); all of which lead to the Big “C”, CHANGE.

Our Mission

The foundation exists to provide youth life skills and mentorship programs to all young adults in need. To accomplish this goal, the youth are placed in an environment designed to promote a positive relationship between the youth and professional mentor. This environment will allow the youth to create his/her own successful learning environment, obtaining life-long skills sets which reinforce personal responsibly while educating on life skills and goal setting. We believe in helping our youth focus on a personal change that will enhance their opportunities of success in society.
Our goal is to provide our youth and young adults with options and opportunities that will allow them to make the best choices in their life decisions. The program is designed to assist youths and young adults in self-identifying skills of leadership, motivation, guidance and mentorship that will formulate a sense of positive thinking, direction, and the pursuit of excellence, ensuring our youth are prepared to take on tomorrow’s challenges.

Our Vision

Options & Opportunities: the Choice Program’s initial goal is to create a life skill academic pilot program, in partnership with the local high schools in Riverside County.  The concept of this program is to provide leadership and life skills curriculum for six consecutive weeks (2 hours sessions) with a variety of learning topics each week.   With the assistance of certified professional counselors, this program will provide the right training material and curriculum required to equip these young adults for their futures, as our great nation’s leaders of tomorrow.

To accomplish this goal, OOCP is pursuing partnerships, sponsorships, fund raisers, donations, grants and other options to acquire the necessary funds to make OOCP a reality.

In addition, OOCP’s primary goal is to provide four separate one-week camp programs that will include a controlled boot camp, life style program that will provide: time management, goal setting, self-esteem and confidence building, guidance, critical thinking, conflict resolution and learning how to ask the right questions as it relates to the needs to achieve in society. The Options and Opportunities: the Choice Program will strengthen interpersonal relationship and improve the young person's confidence through character building, while providing the right direction for our youth for a brighter future.  

The ultimate goal is to become a global force, expanding our vision and leadership by insuring our organization is a guiding force for excellence as it relates to the world's youth.



The J.C. Cooley Foundation
Options & Opportunities: The Choice Program (OOCP)
P O Box 891989
Temecula, CA 92589-1989

(915) 760-0414