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"The word psychosomatic describes the mind-body relationship. An unhealthy life style limits your mind's ability to achieve your goals. Managing your health is "your responsibilty." No one can do this for you, A healthy body equals a healthy mind."


"Instead of dwelling on what you don't have, think of all the wonderful things that you do have. Express appreciation to all who know you. Be grateful for this life you have been given, This is what great men and leaders do."

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The JC COOLEY Foundation has teamed with USC with there MSW SOCIAL WORK PROGRAM.  USC has assigned the JC COOLEY Foundation program a full Intern (William Combs III).   WILLIAM is currently working with our program in the Murrieta Valley Independent School District  (MVISD) where is currently serving 4 School that requires Social Work help....

Let us all congratulate William Combs III as our newest addition to the JC COOLEY Foundation Program. ... he is already doing great things for our team and has made an immediate impact on many of our youth lives. ..

Will, Thanks so much. .

Very respectfully,

The J C Cooley Foundation hopes to award fifteen $500 scholarships this year to deserving students - more details to follow.

Presentations of scholarships are as follows:

12th April 2016 "Temecula Dollars for Scholarships" - Chapparal High School.

25th April 2016 "Murrieta Dollars for Scholarships" - Murrieta Mesa High School.

16th May 2016 "Temecula Dollars for Scholarships" - Temecula Valley high school.


 obama letterTaylor Norman, "The face of J C Cooley Foundation" received a letter from President Obama congratulating her for her continuous effort to ensure that she is ready to lead our great Nation in the World in tackling tomorrow's challenges.
CONGRATULATIONS TAYLOR on receiving a personal letter from President Obama and his family. The JC Cooley Foundation is so proud of you, let's continue the great work - THANK YOU!

J C Cooley Foundation fund raiserMy God son Shelvin Pilot showing his support for JC Cooley Foundation wearing his new hoodie!
Thank you to all of you who contributed to our fundraiser.



The J.C. Cooley Foundation
Options & Opportunities: The Choice Program (OOCP)
P O Box 891989
Temecula, CA 92589-1989

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